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Packing Your Parcel: The Ultimate Guide

We know the way important every parcel you send is for you and therefore are devoted to ensuring your parcel reaches its final destination intact. When we send a parcel with a courier, many of us like to assume our precious item is very carefully carried from A – B, as if on the wings of doves.

The truth is, your parcel is first sorted by a device and then placed in a van with tens or a vast selection of other parcels and driven to its destination.

Needless to say, if you're sending your parcel with a reasonably limited, reputable courier, any injury to your item in transit is incredibly unlikely.

However, it can occur on infrequent occasions. For that reason, you'll want to ensure you've done everything possible to safeguard your item and prevent any damage from occurring in the very first place.

In this article, we have mentioned few top strategies for packaging your parcel, which will help ensure it arrives in perfect condition.

Choose The Right Tools

It is remarkable how many items get damaged because they are not full of the proper materials. Jiffy bags, corrugated cardboard boxes, vital parcel records, parcel straps, and triangular pipes for the folded report are typical essential pieces of equipment whenever you send many different parcels. Utilizing the correct size box for that and ensuring they are not under or over-filled should keep your item protected.

Don't Leave Any Empty Spaces

After you have chosen the best outer packaging, it is critical that you also use inner packaging. Material such as, for instance, bubble wrap, polyethylene foam, polystyrene chips,  or even shredded paper will cushion your goods. This will prevent your items from moving around and protect them from any damage.

Use Fragile Sticker

If your item is breakable, use a fragile sticker. The utilization of a tag such as this won't show that your parcel is treated more carefully than others, but it could remind the driver, in particular, to be that extra bit cautious when lifting it in and out from the van.

Also, for fragile items, we recommend double boxing '. This means placing your bubble-wrapped item in a box placed inside another slightly larger box with a once-inch filled gap involving the surfaces of each box. Should you choose this, MAKE SURE this gap is filled with bubble wrap or polystyrene. Otherwise, double-boxing is wholly ineffective.

Old Packaging

Regrettably, after a cardboard box is broken, it becomes weaker and provides less security for the parcel. You must be sure the box is powerful, and your parcel is likely to be protected. In addition to that, several couriers use automatic techniques to see address labels, so remove or cover all old labels to make sure that your parcel is provided for the proper location. You'd be surprised how often it has happened!

Mind The Gap

And on the flip side, damage also can occur if you stuff your box to the stage of being fit to burst.

An excellent guideline would be to wrap your item in bubble wrap first and then leave about an inch involving the wrapped item and the box itself. You will need to make a bit of a 'cushioning gap'between that and the outer lining of the box. If not, the automobile's vibrations it's being carried in might affect your item and lead it to break if it's incredibly fragile.

For added safety, you can line the walls of one's box with bubble wrap.

Don't Package In Delicate Materials

Sharp corners may easily damage bags made from fabric and cloth on other parcels and machinery within the sorting warehouses. Ensure packaging is sturdy to guard your goods.

Don't Use Attractive Packaging

Unfortunately, parcels wrapped as if they're a present tend to be more in danger for two reasons. Firstly, the report and lace are easy to split and get caught by other parcels and machines. Secondly, as parcels will often be left in convenient locations at delivery, they are subject to risk from passers-by. Attractive wrapping increases their desirability to those who spot the parcel unattended.

Label Carefully and Clearly

Whether you choose a service that requires published labels or one which allows a handwritten address to be scribed on the deal, guarantee it is put centrally, does not have a record protecting any area of the tag, and might be easily understood. We recommend placing the distribution facts and tag within the box if the label is damaged and falls off.

Don't Rely On Additional Labeling

This includes labels such as, for instance, fragile. While people can read these labels, machines are not making them no replacement suitable and robust packaging. This is the case with many different labels, such as, for instance, "This way up" and "Heavy."

Complete All Information Required

It is essential to correctly label the contents and the estimated value of one's item on our website. This information is likely to be used in the event of a missing or damaged parcel claim. You must also make sure that no further information is required, particularly if you should send your parcel overseas and move across customs.

Check Restricted Items List

Prohibited items can not be sent via any couriers through My Parcel Delivery. These generally include aerosol cans/sprays, explosives including fireworks and Xmas crackers, Medications and remedies (including prescription), perishable goods (including food), etc. These items may be sent, but no compensation claim may be made in the event of loss/damage. You'll find a full listing of prohibited and restricted items here.

Consider Taking Compensation Cover

To coin a classic saying, "prevention surpasses cure," and you can prevent potential injury to parcel contents using the correct form and packaging quality. In the genuinely unique majority of cases, your parcel may occur at their location safe and sound. Please do not remain relying on hindsight if what's in the parcel is also valuable to be traveling without compensation cover.

Return To Sender

And eventually, generally, incorporate a return address on your object only in case.

So, these are our top specialist recommendations on packaging your parcel like a complete pro. By subsequent our advice each time, your goods should get to perfect condition.

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