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What are the documents required for a UK dependent visa?

UK Dependent Visa is for those family members applying for visas from different work categories and work routes. They may be from overseas businesses or migrants whose UK visa gets granted depending on UK ancestry. This visa category allows a permanent citizen of the country to apply and live with them there. The person on whom the application is based is known to be the sponsor. To fulfil the visa requirement as a dependent visa holder, you must be an unmarried, civil partner or a spouse of the sponsor. These criteria often depend on the visa type held by the individual who sponsored your application.

What are the documents you need to apply for a UK Dependent Visa?

You must fulfil the following UK Dependent Visa requirements while filling the application form:

        A valid document for travelling or a passport is necessary. It must have a Validity of six months from the time they are planning to stay. At least one page empty to affix it.

You must check if the online application is available or not. If possible, you must take your confirmation form at the interview for a visa.

If the online process is not possible, you must get two printouts of the form and sign them at the bottom. Carry it with you.

        A colour photograph of 45mm height and 35mm width dimension is necessary. It should be a recent photograph taken within the last 30 days.

        Background documentation

        Bank statements to show required finances.

        Original birth certificate of child or spouse's marriage certificate

        Evidence on the relationship between the applicant holder and the dependent.

        Other relationship proof

        Consulate fees and complete application

        English vocabulary skills (not required for elders, based on your documents) 

        Results of your criminal records (if applicable)

        Results of tuberculosis check (if applicable)

Applying from the UK:

A Dependent may apply to stay with their family members when they go to the UK through a family visa. They may have another kind of visa. In that case, they can always switch to their family visa to live with their child, parent, or spouse.

The biometric permit for residence will get delivered to you via courier.

You will receive your decision letter within 7 or 10 days from the office saying you can live within the UK. If it fails to arrive, you can go for the online application also.

Applying from outside of UK:

Dependants may apply to get a family visa to stay with their parents, relatives, child, partner, or spouse. 

For getting the biometric permit residence for their application process, you must give a photo with your fingerprints taken from the processing centre for the visa.

They need to receive the permit within 30 days from the day they arrived in the UK.

It depends on in which country they are staying, for receiving their visa or other services faster.

Other Requirements

UK Immigration and Visa require all the above documents and must meet the above specifications. If anyone fails to meet these requirements, there is a high chance of rejecting their application. If any of the documents is in the UK language, you must translate it with the help of a professional translator. 

After providing all your documents, they will verify them. Any anomalies will lead to suspicion and rejection of your application. You may even get banned from entering the UK in the future. If you need someone to assist you, you may seek some best solicitors to deal with your immigration process.


Applying for a visa is stressful and costly for immigration news. As it involves more time, money, and effort, it is best to seek help from a professional. By instructing them to manage the entire application process to enter the UK, you will get confidence from the legal advice and legal representation. 


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